Crane Test Weights for Hire

All our Test Weights are made of cast steel. They are not calibrated weights, however, they are all weighed on a calibrated scale to an accuracy of plus or minus 1%. The weights all have lifting points which are appropriate to their size or shape.

Crane Test Weight Dimensions

Block Weights250kg660mm320mm180mm
Block Weights500kg660mm305mm350mm
Block Weights1 Tonne1830mm305mm305mm
Slab Weights2 Tonne1840mm930mm180mm
Block Weights3 Tonne1530mm530mm530mm
Block Weights4 Tonne1830mm910mm350mm
Roller Weights250kg432mm
Roller Weights500kg559mm


A quote can be obtained with a phone call or email. If the quotation is acceptable, we can arrange delivery as soon as transport is available. This is usually within 2 to 3 working days.

Telephone or email to obtain a quotation and discuss requirements and delivery availability. Test weights will be delivered to site on the requested day and collected from site on customer request to off hire.

Pricing is available upon request. Contact us today with your requirements and we will provide a free quotation.

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